HIDDEN Wireless Tattoo Pen - Black
The most prominent feature of this tattoo pen is the magnetic suction design of the battery pack, which makes the battery pack and the machine integrated. Tattoo artists can create tattoos anytime and anywhere without carrying additional equipment, just like...
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SHADOW ASSASSIN Wireless Tattoo Pen
The assassin hiding in the dark can attack with great accuracy and without any risk. Because of the wireless feature, the SHADOW ASSASSIN - our wireless tattoo pen is convenient and smooth to be used like an assassin's weapon, and...
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NOISY BOY Backweighted Rotary Tattoo Pen
When the backweighted machine works, it will produce a unique hissing sound, which is highly recognizable. NOISY BOY is a very active talker in street culture. Voltage:12V Motor:Coreless Motor Motor Speed:12V/10500 Rpm Stroke Length:3.5mm Driving Mode:Direct Drive Materials:Aviation Aluminum Grip Diameter:28mm Weight:118.5g...
CODE-Z Rotary Tattoo Pen
(Realize your dream of tattoo master from scratch. Change the technology and pattern of tattoo equipment industry from scratch.)Customized tattoo machine for Gen Z tattooists who pursue beautiful appearance, high performance and cost-effective.The "First Machine" for Tattoo Artists to Pursue...
WISPER Rotary Tattoo Pen
The machine is flexible and light, low noise and powerful. At the same time, The WISPER plays the role of the talker around the godfather in OG culture. Voltage:12V Motor:Coreless Motor Motor Speed:12V/8000 Rpm Stroke Length:3.5mm Driving Mode:Cam Wheel Bearing...
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