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Recently, we have received many questions from beginners about how to choose the correct & suitable cartridges, and we would like to share more knowledge with them!

Today, we're excited to reintroduce our tattoo needle cartridges – Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, and Curved Magnum. Discover their distinctive features that make them essential for every tattoo artist, and why it's time to purchase!

Round Liner:

Create bold and precise outlines effortlessly. Experience superior control with clean lines and smooth ink flow. Perfect for intricate details and flawless lettering.

Round Shader:

Achieve seamless shading and gradients for depth and dimension. Enjoy smooth transitions and impeccable blending. Elevate your artwork with captivating shading effects.Its suitable for shading.


Efficiently cover larger areas with consistent pigment saturation. Ideal for filling backgrounds or working on larger designs. Versatile and fast, bringing your artistic vision to life.

Curved Magnum:


Unlock creativity with gentle curves and soft shading. Navigate intricate details with ease. Bring depth and dimension to your artwork effortlessly. The needles are made in an arch formation to better deflect the skin when it goes in and out.

We hope you're enjoying your tattooing journey filled with creativity and success. At OG PRODUCE, we take pride in providing exceptional tools to enhance your artistry.

If you have determined your current needs, we will provide you with high-quality and cost-effective options! Buy Now!