ENFORCER Rotary Tatttoo Machine
The machine is powerful, strong penetration, which is synonymous with strength. The ENFORCER plays the role of peacemaker in the traditional mafia, and all difficult problems will be solved by him. Voltage:12V Motor:Coreless Motor Motor Speed:12V/8000 Rpm Stroke Length:1mm~5mm Driving...
RAPIER Pro Rotary Tattoo Machine
It integrates the excellent parts of motor machine and coil machine, and has the strength of motor tattoo machine and the unique rebound feel of coil tattoo machine. RAPIER, is a traditional cold weapon with two edges. It is light...
One Nine Rotary Tattoo Machine
The world's firsr Spring and iron separate resistance free tattoo machine, designed by DiaoChen Recommended Voltage: 5-13V Recommended frequency: 60-70hz Weight: 234.5g - No resistance when penetrating into the skin, reducing pain effectively - Fast shading and coloring, minimal skin damage...
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