Let OG be the priority of every tattoo artist.

More about OG PRODUCE

Explore more about OG PRODUCE Tattoo Supply

Our Product

1.We have the production and R&D capabilities of all types of products in the tattoo supply.

Including tattoo needles (tattoo needle cartridges, traditional tattoo needles), tattoo machines (rotary tattoo machines, tattoo pens), tattoo inks, tattoo after-care and more.

2. Our product line has the most hygienic environment and the strictest quality control process.

Our tattoo needles have been inspected by 200 times electron microscope, and are precisely assembled, without damage or flaw. Each batch of needles has been disinfected by ethylene oxide and tested for bacterial cultivation, which is safe, dust-free and sterile.

3.We have authoritative quality and safety certification

Combined manual and automatic production, equipped with perfect aseptic workshop and advanced equipment. We have the authoritative quality and safety certification, you can be assured to cooperate with us, purchase and use our products.

Our Service

1.Become our distributors

※If you are an expert of Tattoo supply with a few years of experience in this field and mature sales channels, then becoming our dealer could be the best option.
※Free download of all visual materials on our website and social media channels.
※List your store’s information onto our website or engage with us via social media and increase your customer base.

2. OG PRODUCE support customize your own Tattoo supply Brand

※Interested in customizing Private Brand options? We are here to support you.
※You can select items from our own OG PRODUCE line, another option is to let us produce your very own designs
※We provide In-house product advice and technical support.
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