PIONEER-FURY 1.47-inch Color Screen Wireless Tattoo Pen

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Package:Pen machine x1, Grips x3, Battery x2, Type-C charging cable x1, User manual x1, Accessory tool kit x1, Box x1
Motor: OG Produce Custom Tattoo Motor
Weight: 225.6g
Speed: 12V 10500RPM
Stroke: 4.0 mm
Material: Aluminum alloy
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Frequency : 1-199
Operating Voltage: 5-12V
Dotting Mode: 1-9 levels
Input Voltage: DC5V/1A
Charging Method: Type-C charging cable, recommended DC5V/2A USB

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Experience unparalleled comfort and control with the Fury Tattoo Pen. Crafted with the Golden Ratio for a smooth and flowing design, this pen fits perfectly in your palm, ensuring a comfortable grip during extended tattoo sessions.
  • Versatile Performance: Elevate your creativity with three adjustable modes.
    【6.5V】 Normal mode
    Classic traditional voltage mode, adjustable in 0.1V increments
    【80hz】 Frequency mode
    In frequency mode, short press the plus and minus keys to adjust the strength of the frequency in unit one increments
    【Dotting mode】
    In dotting mode, press the plus and minus keys to adjust the level of dotting mode, ranging from 1 to 9
  • Intuitive Design: Immerse yourself in the expansive visual experience of the large screen ecosystem, featuring dynamic visual effects and intuitive UI design. Easily switch between voltage, hertz, and dotting modes for seamless customization.
  • Long-lasting Endurance: Stay powered up for extended sessions with the Fury Tattoo Pen's extra-large 2000mAh battery, offering 8-9 hours of sustainable work. A convenient charging base is included for hassle-free recharging.
  • Safety and Reliability: Create with confidence thanks to built-in protections against short circuits, overcurrent, overcharge, and over-discharge. Plus, the Strong Start Mode provides a powerful burst of 10V for artists using hard needles, ensuring precise results every time.

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