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OG Arrow Round Liner Loose (RLL) Tattoo Needle Cartridges 20pcs

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365 Days Quality Warranty.

The Round Liner Loose tattoo needle cartridge features a looser grouping of needles compared to the tight version. This configuration allows for faster ink saturation and shading techniques. It is commonly used for creating soft gradients, shading, and smoother lines in tattoo artwork.
Configuration: Round Liner Loose
Taper Size: Long (5.5mm)
Needle Diameter: Regular(12/0.35mm)
Group: from 1 to 14
Box Quantity: 20pcs
Color: Cyan
Materials:Medical-grade 304 Stainless steel needles
Hygiene Standard: Possess CE certification
Suitability: Compatible with cartridge grips and most brand machines on the market.

Fast track of other needle types: Round LinerRound Liner TightHollow Round LinerRound ShaderMagnumCurved Magnum

  • Upgraded silicone sleeve-Comfortable needle grip, prevent needle vibration from obstructing tattooing
  • Medical-grade 304 Stainless materials-Sharp needle tip for excellent coloring effect
  • Oblique cutting design for Needle tips-It is easier to observe the needle state, provide sufficient ink absorption
  • Possess CE certification-Safety assurance and safe use
  • Exclusive design needle shape-High precision assembly ensures stable needle structure

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brett Reis
Amazing n sharp

Love them. Solid lines, didn't have to double pass. Clean all the way through

Marco Droh
I'm in love

My new favorite needles, great for lining and also for filling areas without trouble. The only flaw is that the number of needles printed on the surface is difficult to read, it would be nice if there were different colors of rubber for the different types of needles (magnum, curved magnum, liner etc.) But other than that I'm very happy with the product

Jeff James Tattoos
Round liners

I find that the round liners have a lot of play in them and if used for a long period of time it becomes worse the curved shaders are awesome absolutely love them on the other hand so I will order more