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OG Arrow Hollow Round Liner (HRL) Tattoo Needle Cartridges 20pcs

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365 Days Quality Warranty.

The Hollow Round Liner tattoo needle cartridge is designed with a hollow center, allowing for better ink flow and enhanced precision during lining work. This type of cartridge is commonly used for creating clean and defined lines in various tattoo styles.
Configuration: Hollow Round Liner
Taper Size: Long (5.5mm)
Needle Diameter: Regular(12/0.35mm)
Group: 6, 8, 10
Box Quantity: 20pcs
Color: Green
Materials:Medical-grade 304 Stainless steel needles
Hygiene Standard: Possess CE certification
Suitability: Compatible with cartridge grips and most brand machines on the market.

Fast track of other needle types: Round LinerRound Liner LooseRound Liner Tight, Round ShaderMagnumCurved Magnum

  • Upgraded silicone sleeve-Comfortable needle grip, prevent needle vibration from obstructing tattooing
  • Medical-grade 304 Stainless materials-Sharp needle tip for excellent coloring effect
  • Oblique cutting design for Needle tips-It is easier to observe the needle state, provide sufficient ink absorption
  • Possess CE certification-Safety assurance and safe use
  • Exclusive design needle shape-High precision assembly ensures stable needle structure

Customer Reviews

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Arturo Vazquez

Good quality

defective cartridges

I was using these cartridges and they really don't deposit the ink and the ink doesn't flow well in the needle, to make a single line I struggled a lot, I even changed the cartridge several times and the same thing happened with all the cartridges