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PIONEER-FROST-WING 3mm Stroke Wireless Tattoo Pen

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365 Days Quality Warranty.


Package: Machine x1 (including battery), Battery x1, RCA Conversion Port x1, Battery Charger x1, RCA wire x1, USB cable x1
Motor: OG Custom Tattoo Motor
Speed: 12V 9800RPM
Stroke: 3.0mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Operating Voltage: 5-12V
Endurance Time: 3-4 hours
Battery Charging Time: 2 hours
Approx. 172g (including battery)
Approx. 153g (excluding battery)

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The FROST-WING Tattoo Pen is your portal to the future of tattooing, boasting a celestial window on its 1.14-inch color screen. Its large and beautiful UI display enhances your creative experience, with a 3.0mm stroke for precise artistry.
  • Powerful Performance: Engineered for excellence, this pen features an OG custom hollow cup motor running at 12V and 9800 rpm. It combines raw performance with high torque, opening up a world of artistic possibilities.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: Crafted with precision, the pen's design is the result of OG research and development, offering a slim, lightweight, and perfectly balanced feel. It's a tool that enhances your art, reshaping your creative process from the moment you hold it.
  • Unrivaled Endurance: With 1100mAh dual batteries, the FROST-WING ensures uninterrupted creativity. It comes with a battery charger for quick replenishment, harnessing high energy to fuel your artistic endeavors.
  • Versatile and Safe: Say goodbye to charging anxiety with the pen's dual batteries and RCA conversion port, offering wired and wireless dual modes. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with built-in safety features including protection against short circuits, overcurrent, overcharge, and over-discharge, ensuring safer operations for you and your creations.

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