365 Days Quality Warranty

OG PRODUCE is committed to providing competitive-price, hygienic, and high-quality tattoo needle cartridges for tattoo artists around the world. Below are the different kinds type of tattoo needle cartridges for your reference.

Round Liner: The perfect weapon for lining. From the 0.25mm circular lining for very thin lines to the powerful 0.40mm circular lining, you can determine the diameter of the contour independently.

Round Shader: As its name implies, it is a popular weapon in shadow. The most delicate and gentle transition effect can be obtained on difficult skin or velvet skin.

Magnum: Whether it is a small work or a large work, using OG PRODUCE Magnum needles, you can bring colors into the skin or create rich hues and color gradients.

Curved Magnum: Also known as "Round Magnum", this needle is used for very soft tone, realistic work or color gradient.

Our cartridges are sterilized by ethylene oxide, with multiple standardized inspection procedures, compatible with cartridge grips and most brand machines on the market.