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John Clark
nice set of cartridges

Good quality set of tattoo cartridges. Very easy to use.

Good for the price

I like these. Had no issues with them.

So far, so good

These needles came well, packaged, and arrived in good order. 3, 5, and 7 RL needles gives you a good selection when practicing on fake skins, or tattooing in a parlor.

The plastic feels good quality, and the sterile packages are clean and have a good heat seal. I’ve gotten needles before that when you go to open the package, and the paper pulls off the top a little too easily, not giving you real confidence that what is inside is sterile.

The action of the needle seems to stay up with my machine, and the spring appears to be good quality. Pretty happy with these so far, and haven’t had any issues! Definitely recommend checking them out!

Valeina Hereford
They were really great will buy again!!

Disclaimer: I'm not a tattoo artist. I am a hobbyist who is learning to tattoo for the sake of learning something new. I do not tattoo on people/real skin.

These are my favorite tattoo needles so far. The ink pull and drops well, no pooling or uncontrollable ink dumps mid stroke.
The cartridges fit perfectly in my pen, seating completely and safely, while also easy to remove.
The needles themselves are even, sharp, and have never bent or kinked during use on practice pads/skins or fruit skin.
The needles do seem to adjust outward a bit farther than I've previously seen but that's easily controllable via the pen, just an observation.

All in all, a good, consistent product.

Good Tattoo Needle Cartridges

These are individually packaged in sterilized packs, and organized by size, which makes it convenient. The needles are made of stainless steel with a transparent body, and are compatible with most tattoo guns.

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