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D-Dog Wireless Tattoo Pen

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365 Days Quality Warranty.

Unleash your tattooing journey with this adorable and competitively priced wireless tattoo pen. Just like a faithful puppy, it's there to support you as you embark on your artistic adventure. Get started with precision and creativity today! 🖋️🌟
Battery Capacity:1400mAh
Motor:Coreless Motor
Driving Mode: Motor Dirve
Motor Speed:12V/10500 Rpm
Stroke Length:4.0 mm
Support Working Time:4~6hours/Battery
Charging Time:2 hour 30 mins/Battery
Grip Diameter:35mm
Weight:tattoo pen weight 200g
Suitability: Compatible with most tattoo needle cartridges on the market.
  • Coreless Motor - Strong Continuous Output 12V/10500prm
  • Digital display gear adjustment - clear visual parameters and easy operation
  • High capacity batteries - bid farewell to battery endurance anxiety 1400mAh high capacity battery, sustainable operation for 4-6 hours
  • Wireless usage - convenient and fast Say goodbye to the shackles of tattoo cord and pedaling, and create freely anytime, anywhere
  • Convenient charging - farewell to specific charging interfaces Type-C charging port, ready for freely charging
  • Adjustable needle length - rotate to adjust needle length 4.00mm confirmed stroke length, precise control

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