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Noemi Salmen

HIDDEN Wireless Tattoo Pen


Love it can wait to make some more here is some of the work done with the OG PRODUCE check the details And the lines

Hannah Vertal
High quality for an “OG PRODUCE” brand

Honestly I’m impressed, I’ve owned a dragon hawk before I started professionally tattooing and If you’re gonna spend the money get this one instead. Even on the lowest setting which is 6V, this machine hits pretty hard so I recommend starting at 6 and working your way up if you’re new to tattooing & as you get more comfortable. This was the tattoo I did on myself to test this machine, fresh vs 3 months healed.

Great advanced features and display.

I just used this today.The motor ran with about the same level of noise as others I've used and had plenty of power. I ran liners and shaders and had no issues at all. The needle cartridge depth control is of the click grip type. There wasn't much backlash from click to click. All of the needle cartridges I used for testing fit well and weren't sloppy or too tight.

The body of the pen is thick enough for someone with thicker hands. It may be a bit too big for someone with small hands to handle comfortably for an extended amount of time. Overall I'm happy with the operation and quality of the design and machine work that went into making this. It doesn't look like an inexpensive produced item. It looks like some time and effort went into making it.

Convenient and strong Battery power

HIDDEEN is very convenient to use, help me say goodbye to the foot pedal! Battery power is also strong, 8-10 hours is no problem.
The Liner effect is very good, and effective piercing frequency is great with powerful penetration, but notice to avoid the voltage being too high.By the wayit also support to work with wire.

We look forward to your tattoo pieces and hope our products can bring you great help!

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