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PIONEER-FREQUENCY MASTER 4mm Stroke Wireless Tattoo Pen

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365 Days Quality Warranty.

Material: Aluminum alloy

Battery Capacity: 1800mAh (PRO:Two batteries , Regular:one battery)

Input Voltage: DC5V/1A

Output Frequency: 5-150Hz (constant output power)

harging Method: Type-C charging cable, recommended DC5V/2A USB charger

Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery

Motor: Brushless speed control motor

Stroke: 4.0mm


Body length: 132mm

Grip Diameter:32mm

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Pioneer Frequency Master features a brushless speed control motor and a powerful low-frequency tapping system, offering a cutting-edge performance for tattoo artists.

  • OG Tested and Approved: Thoroughly tested by the OG Produce Pro team, the OG Variable Frequency Pioneer ensures stable high-frequency cutting and shading, meeting the highest standards of professional tattooing.

  • Versatile Frequency Control: With the new generation Hertz (Hz) regulation, artists can easily achieve regular tattoos, slow frequency dotting, SMP, and more. The adjustable frequency allows for versatile styles of tattoo creation.

  • Powerful and Lightweight Design: Weighing only about 175g, the carefully designed Pioneer Frequency Master maintains strong power at any speed. Its 4.0mm stroke, maximum diameter of 32mm, and body height of 132mm provide a lightweight yet powerful tool, allowing artists to unleash their creativity.

  • Extended Endurance: Stay away from anxiety with the 1800mAh large-capacity battery, ensuring worry-free endurance. The Pioneer Frequency Master can work continuously for 5-6 hours, providing artists with the reliability they need for longer sessions.

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